Ink printability evaluation

For ink developers that want to evaluate their formulation’s printability.


Inkjet parameter optimization

For end-users and integrators that want optimal printing parameters for their application.

about our services

How we help

Droptimize helps you to find the best printing parameters for your inkjet application. We do a printing quality evaluation over the full range of parameters available with your setup. We take everything that can possibly influence the jettability in your system into account: ink system, print system and ambient conditions. For ink developers, we propose a standardized printability evaluation over a large range of parameters to enable the benchmarking of different ink formulations. For integrators, we provide optimization services with application-specific standardized methods that guarantee the reproducibility of our path to the best solution.

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How are we different?


We take your whole inkjet printer setup into account: ink system, print system and ambient conditions.


We propose standardized, reproducible evaluation and optimization solutions.


We have over 12 years of cumulated experience in the development of novel inkjet solutions.