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First service to a customer

  • Raphael 

Only one year after the official founding of Droptimize, we are proud to announce that we just delivered our first service! It’s been an exciting journey, starting with an idea on how to revolutionize the workflow for inkjet parameter optimization all the way to the actual implementation.

Our customer, Jet Metal® and his promising selective technology for the printed electronic market, was facing quality issues when printing its novel ink. After a first assessment of the rheological properties of the ink by iPrint, Droptimize took over for the printing quality analyze and optimization on our own software. All satellites were successfully eliminated and the drop characteristics fitted to the requirements through waveform tuning. Jet Metal® then implemented the optimized parameters on their own printer and could move one step further toward the digitalization of their process.

Thanks iPrint and Jet Metal® for the trust and support in this journey!

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