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About Us

Pioneers in inkjet

Our solution

We develop our own dropwatching software dedicated to printing optimization. It runs automated tests with printing-parameter and waveform sweeping, stores all results in a database and displays all drop characteristics for comparison.
Dropimize's dropwatching workflow

We are more than just engineers

The idea of launching a spin-off dedicated to inkjet printability came after years of working on a broad range of research and industrial projects.

As we were working at iPrint on many different inkjet-related topics, we realized a lot of energy was spent trying to achieve a same goal: evaluate and improve the printability. However, this had to be re-developed for each application as the differences  from one project to another were to big to allow for the “copy/paste” of solutions.

After a few years, we came to realize that such demands kept increasing, and finding a versatile solution to all these somewhat similar printability evaluation and improvement made more and more sense.

We decided to found a spin-off that would be fully dedicated to develop a high-end, versatile platform and software that would allow to drastically reduce the time required for such processes. With iPrint’s full support, we started our own activities and now offer services in inkjet printability.


Droptimize Pillars

A strong team with years of experience

Raphaël Wenger


Passionnated about pretty much everything, especially mountains.

Florian Bourguet

CTO / CO-FOunder

Passionnated about pretty much everything, especially flying.