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The DOT-S is an advanced dropwatching instrument fully integrating our big-data software. It already supports the most common printheads and driving electronics, and can be customized for special applications.

DOT-S Key features

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DOT-S Key features
Enclosure Printhead Holder Mist Sensor Active Dropcatcher Motorized 3-Axis System On-Board Computer Optical Module


Several enclosure options are available to ensure the operator's safety:

  • No hood for installation in an existing fumes hood.
  • Transparent or UV-proof hood for standalone use. In this configuration, the fumes outlet must be connected to a centralized ventilation or a separate extractor.

Printhead Holder

The printhead holder is fitted to support the selected printhead. This part is precisely machined to ensure a reproducible positioning without any alignment procedure. All the most common printhead models are already supported, and customizations are available for special cases.

Mist Sensor

A laser-scattering sensor is mounted within the enclosure to monitor sub-micrometer aerosols. It is used to monitor the misting for optimizations as well as to ensure the operator's safety.

Active Dropcatcher

An active dropwatcher is mounted below the printhead. It generates an airflow ensuring that the ejected drops are properly collected and discarded.

Motorized 3-Axis System

All axes are motorized to ensure a fully repoducible positioning on the nozzles. It is fully integrated, which allows to automatically scan all nozzles for stability measurements.

On-Board Computer

A powerful computer as well as all the necessary electronics are integrated into the back of the instrument. The dedicated computer manages all the controls and databases directly.  No installation or software is required to access it since it generates a web interface accessible from any device within the network.

Optical Module

The optical module consists of a camera with a zoom combined with a strobe and triggering system.

The optics typically allow to reach spacial resolution below 0.5µm with with single-flashes below 100ns. In addition, the angle of the camera and strobe can be adjusted in the 0-6° range to fit the different nozzleplate shapes.

An automatic position and spatial resolution calibration is implemented to automatically map the FOV to the nozzles after changing the zooming factor or angle.

The DOT-S in now commercially available. Contact us for additional information or demonstrations.