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Our Services

We help ink manufacturers and integrators evaluate, optimize and validate their inkjet printing parameters through standard processes on our proprietary software. We take all available printing parameters into account: waveform, printhead and inksystem.


Measure the drop characteristics over ranges of parameters. You choose over which parameter and within which range we have to test your ink and printhead, and we provide you with the corresponding measured drop characteristics.


Improve the drop characteristics by adjusting the jetting parameters. You define what key drop characteristics are the target, and we optimize all parameters to reach it. We can modify the waveform, printhead as well as inksystem parameters to reach your goal.


Identify the window of acceptable parameters and confirm that the current parameters enable long-term stable printing. You define the stability of which drop characteristics as a function which parameter is to be evaluated, and we measure them over larger number of nozzles and longer periods.

How it works

We have a defined step-by-step workflow that guarantees a maximal transparency and efficency.

Quote-request form

The form gives an overview of all our services with the possibility to check those you are interested into with all relevant parameters. It also contains fields for all the key information we need about you and your application.


We evaluate the value of the services you require and provide a quote for exactly what you checked and specified in the form.

Execution of the services

We proceed to the analyzes, optimizations and validations through standardized automated processes. All tests are executed with our propiertary software and the results stored in a database, allowing us to easily compare printheads and inks even at a later stage.


We provide you with a report with graphical representation summarizing the key information, as well as text summarizing the key values. Additionally, all raw data can be provided as .CSV files.